Crayta Revealed as First On Stadia

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Collaborative game creation and publishing platform Crayta revealed as Stadia exclusive, launching Summer 2020

28 April 2020, Leamington Spa, UK Award-winning development studio Unit 2 Games today announces that Crayta, its collaborative game creation and publishing platform, will launch in summer 2020 as a First on Stadia title. Crayta will be available for free in Stadia Pro and allow players to create and play multiplayer games across TVs, laptops, desktops, and select tablets and phones. Novice players can create and publish simple multiplayer games in a matter of minutes without the need to code or use other specialised skills, while more advanced developers can create complex games limited only by their imagination. Creators will also have the potential to earn money within Crayta from day one, initially via a monthly prize fund.

A diverse selection of independent developers has already been creating launch titles for the platform as part of the studio’s Indie Fund programme, which ran late last year. These developers have proven out the powerful creation tools to produce a variety of games that will serve as inspiration for future creators, and provide an ever-growing catalogue of diverse and unique games for all players to enjoy.

Fernando Melo, founder of Crayta Indie Fund developer Double Blit Games and former Bioware producer, has been impressed by Crayta’s offering: “It’s like a giant game development toybox! It’s so powerful, and it’s an amazing feeling to be able to jump straight in and get your ideas on screen without any of the usual barriers.”

Unit 2 Games Publishing Director, Chris Swan, is excited to see what the indie development community can do with Crayta’s power: “Our Indie Fund developers were amazingly creative and have crafted some fantastic games already, so we can’t wait to see what the rest of the indie community will do with the tools.”

Richard Smithies, Unit 2 Games CEO, agrees: “Truly democratising game creation and consumption for the mass market has been the founding principle of our studio. The rapid growth of cloud gaming further strengthens that ability so we’re delighted to partner with Stadia to bring this vision to life.”

The announcement trailer is now live at, and was captured entirely within Crayta.

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ABOUT UNIT 2 GAMES: Formed in 2017 and based in Leamington Spa in the UK, Unit 2 Games was founded and is run by former Radiant Worlds and Blitz Games Studios Chief Operating Officer, Richard Smithies, alongside a senior-level team many of whom have worked together for over a decade. They bring skills and experience from operating server-based, creative sandbox adventure SkySaga, and the studio is now building UGC-powered collaborative game creation and sharing platform Crayta. It has grown to over 40 staff, following several additional rounds of investment.

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