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Unit 2 Games announces £100k indie development fund for multiplayer game creation and sharing platform Crayta

19 SEPTEMBER 2019, Leamington Spa, UK. Unit 2 Games today announces the launch of its indie development fund to support the 2020 launch of multiplayer game creation and sharing platform Crayta, making at least £100,000 available to a small number of talented and experienced developers to create the first selection of indie games available on the system.

Powered by Unreal Engine 4 and originally announced last year, Crayta is a collaborative, innovative game-making game designed to give both developers and non-developers the ability to create high-quality, multiplayer titles quickly and easily using a combination of a voxel-based environment and non-voxel props. Unit 2 Games has run an extended closed testing period with an initial community over 2018/19, and is now working towards a Q1/Q2 2020 release. It is now inviting indie developers to apply to the fund to create launch content.

CEO Richard Smithies explains the intent of the fund: “The nature of an experience such as Crayta is that it thrives on the user-generated content that comes from our community. We want to make sure that when we first launch we have a strong line-up of games for players and creators alike, so by setting aside this fund we’re able to ensure that even a developer just starting out can be inspired and encouraged to get involved, simply by seeing what’s possible from some of their favourite indies.”

Designed to provide a truly democratised game creation ecosystem, Crayta has been established to celebrate and empower creatives of all types and levels of experience. As such, Unit 2 Games will be supporting and showcasing the work of all the developers selected. Developers selected will own the IP of their Crayta game and will have full creative control over the development of their game.

Unit 2 Games’ Publishing Director Chris Swan is excited to bring a range of developers on board: “We’ve already seen how versatile and powerful Crayta is via our initial testing community, but we can’t wait to see what more experienced indie developers can do with the system. We’re looking for a wide variety of different games and experiences from the developers who join the fund, and will be letting them loose creatively to really experiment.”

For any developers interested in finding out more, please visit for further info and application details. Please note that Unit 2 Games is not able to accept game design ideas until developers are registered on the indie fund system.

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